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aSMS.dll is an open source library to provide developer to convert a message (SMS) to PDU and convert PDU to message (SMS).

aSMS.dll can be consumed by Windows Form Application, Windows Presentation Fundation, Console Application, ASP.NET Web Application, etc.

aSMS.dll build with .NET Framework 4.0 with C# Programming Language. It's very easy to use this library. Very important to understand about PDU. PDU have 8 header :

1. No. SMS-Centre
2. type SMS
3. SMS Reference Number
4. The Mobile Receiver
5. form of SMS
6. Encoding Scheme Data I / O
7. Previous Period Expired SMS
8. SMS contents

Example : 07912618485400F901000C91261892753373000005E8329BFD06

it mean (the number same as above) :

1. 07912618485400F9 --> 62818445009
2. 01
3. 00
4. 0C91261892753373 --> 62818445009
5. 00
6. 00
7. empty
8. 05E8329BFD06 --> hello

With aSMS.dll it can convert easily. And to Send or Receive an SMS you must use AT-Command. For more information about AT-Command see this : or

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